Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Record and do!

Record vocals and live instruments, editing, reamping, creating arrangements, mixing, mastering, composing music for films and plays. Writing exclusive musical (guitars, piano, drums, brass, etc.), exit recording.

Come and will send!

We work in the "internal" and remotely. You can always send us their composition, our experts assess the value of work, to discuss all the details, and after consultation we begin to perform work. Deadline as the cost negotiated individually and depends on the complexity.


Taking into account all your preferences we will help you to create an arrangement, choose the style, the sound and make your song recognizable. Our works were heard in various TV channels and radio stations in our country and abroad.

To get your song arranged you need to send us your song performance with a guitar or a piano accompaniment with a detailed explanation of your requests. During the creation process of the arrangement we will gradually realize the "fitting" of the song to avoid unnecessary work.

Online Mixing

I suggest you track mixing wherever you recorded them.


In result you will get a professional-sounding audio track. Analog mixing is performed in Pro Tools 10HD, 192 in / out, Neve 8816 summing mixer.

To get your tracks mixed, you need to send the same length tracks from "zero" indicating the tempo, with the same bit depth and sample rate. Make sure all the tracks are digitized with a level no more than -6db to avoid restrictions and distortions. These artifacts can not be deleted while mixing.

All tracks must be "dry" without reverb and effects. But if some creative elements are expected in sound (filters, delay effects, etc) ,please, describe your wishes as accurately as possible and send them in all details with audio files.

Within 3-5 days you will receive a demo of 100 seconds duration of any fragment of your music composition for the preview and then you can send me your critical remarks or suggestions. After 100% payment you get the music track in any preferable formats: AIFF, WAV - 16/24/32 bit, 41,1 / 48/96 kHz without master EQ and compressor, as well as 'track minus voice' and 'playback' (if needed).


Online Mastering

MASTERING is a final stage of work with the musical composition.


This is the process of preparation and transferring of a recorded and mixed phonogram to any carrier for subsequent reproduction. To get your music composition mastered you need to send your music track in AIFF or WAV 16-32 bit / 44,1-96 kHz formats with RMS less than -12 -13 dB. Within 2-3 days you will receive a demo of any fragment of 100 sec. duration, and get the whole track in any format after 100% payment.





Pro Tools 10 (licen.)


Pro Tools HD2, Mac Pro,
Digidesign 192 in/out.


Bomb Factory, Waves, MsDSP, Duy,
T-Raks, Lexicon etc.


Universal Audio 6176 (2), Focusrite ISA 828, Joemeek VC3Q (2),
DBX 160 SL compressor/limiter,
Aphex 204 Aural Exciter.


Neve 8816 Summing Mixer.


AKG C-12 (vintage tube, 1956), Neumann M-149 (tube), Telefunken AR-70 (tube, stereo), Shure SM57, Beta57, Beta 91 (USA, Mex.) — 6 шт, Senheiser e914 (2), Senheiser MD421 (2), AKG 412 (1), Audix C112B (matched pair).


TAMA StarClassic (1989) 22′, 18′, 16″, 14′, 12″. 10′.


Zildjian Avedis + K-custom.


Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe, PRS McCarty, Ibanez JEM7, Ibanez Sustainer.


KEMPER Profiling Amplifier, Marshall, Fender Blues Junior, Torque TR50, Huges & KetNer Pre.

Our Team

Якщо вам необхiдно доповнити вашу музичну композицiю будь-якою партiею (бэк-вокал, барабани, рояль, гiтари в усiх стилях, у т.ч. акустичнi, мiдною або струнною секцiею та iн., ми надамо вам таку послугу iз залученням професiйних музикантiв.


Michael Lyshenko - piano, keyboards

Dmitry Litvinenko - drums, percussion

Andrew Karachun - guitars,
acoustic guitars

Denis Shvets - drums, percussion

Roman Daniels - guitars

Jakov Tsvetinsky - trumpet, flugelhorn

Paul Seedorenko - guitar


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+38 050 676 02 45
+38 063 480 74 07
skype: andrey.karachun